About Sam

About Sam

My journey to personal training hasn’t been an easy or a straightforward one.

After six years of service with the British Army, I suffered a catastrophic back injury which led to YEARS of rehabilitation. This time saw me struggle physically and mentally and I had to work hard to achieve my fitness goals.

I get how tough it is starting from scratch and my goal is to use my experience to support you as fully as I can.

Having been through this experience, I am now fitter and stronger than ever and can really appreciate how exercise has improved not only my physical but my mental health. It is now my mission to truly make a difference to the lives of anyone struggling with their own physical or mental health.  

I am fully qualified in training and nutrition having achieved a Level 3 in Personal Training and Nutrition, a Level 3 in Strength and Conditioning and an NVQ Diploma in Exercise for Disability.

I specialise in group exercise, individual training, strength and conditioning and tailoring programs for those with injuries or disabilities.

My passion lies in helping others to achieve their goals by offering training, support and nutritional guidance to really become the best version of yourself.

Your goals are my goals and I know that together we can not only smash them — but have some fun whilst we’re doing it!

Exercise does NOT have to be boring endless repetitions in a gym, we are here to motivate you. I am committed to providing fun, energetic and engaging sessions with understanding and encouragement at every step.

So the only question is, are you ready?  

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