Geefit Bootcamp

Geefit Bootcamp

Geefit Bootcamp
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Let us put your mind at rest and get two things clear about Bootcamp straight away.
1. Our coaches will not be screaming military style orders at you.
2. You are perfectly ready to get started, no matter what your fitness level is.  

Will you be challenged? – Yes. But our supportive, motivating coaches tailor classes to meet you at YOUR fitness level and adapt everything to YOUR fitness journey.

Geefit is more than just a Bootcamp. It’s your chance to forget about everything else and focus on you. To see your friends smiling back at you in a place you feel comfortable. And be a part of a like-minded community you’ve made working out alongside every week.

People you’ve sweat and persevered with. Who understand what you’re trying to achieve and why. That recognise how far you’ve come and what you overcame to get there. Because Geefit is more than a Bootcamp. We’re a family. And we want you to be a part of it.



Success Stories

I tried many things

“Like a night out doing fitness with great friends. This is the best fitness session I have ever taken part in and stayed with for so long. I’ve made some awesome friends here. It is so good for your mental health and keeping weight off.”


Love Love Love

“Love, love, love boot camp. Been a member from the start. It's a friendly atmosphere all the time. Everyone is friendly welcoming and it’s really good fun. Sam the instructor is great, always makes sure everyone is looked after. If you need a change from the gym with better benefits, this boot camp is definitely for you!”


Highly Recommend

“Absolutely love Geefit! Everyone is so friendly and motivating, which makes working out fun. This is my 4th year doing classes and there is always something different and challenging planned. I love being outside in the fresh air with likeminded people. I have definitely grown in self-confidence, mental wellbeing and increased my fitness.”


Fitness Should Never Be a Chore

That’s our philosophy. Fitness should be something you enjoy and make a consistent part of your life. Stop wasting hours of your life in overcrowded gyms waiting for your turn on a machine. Grinding your way through generic, repetitive workout programs you don’t understand and get absolutely no enjoyment from. And avoiding eye contact with headphone wearing strangers you never speak to.

Get your full, fun, customised workout done in 45 minutes without all the pointless standing around. Challenge yourself to a constantly varied, exciting Bootcamp experience where no two classes are ever the same. And join your new fitness family in a supportive community setting designed to help you crush your fitness goals.



Sam is very supportive

Sam is so supportive, so knowledgeable and so motivating. He works with you to achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself, all with a smile. Working with Sam has been the best thing I have done. I feel happier, healthier and more confident, and above all fitter than I ever have been.


I tried many things

Sam is a wonderful instructor/trainer. I have tried many different keep fit ideas over the years but never have I enjoyed exercising as much as I do since I joined Eastleigh Bootcamp and Geefit personal training. Sam makes each session different and fun and I always feel like I have achieved something after one of his sessions. He is friendly, helpful and always wants the best for you . Thank you Sam

Donna Hunt


Highly Recommend

I can not recommend Geefit highly enough. Sam has turned me from a couch potato into someone who trains 6 times a week and still tries to find the time to get out running. He has supported me through nutritional advice, encouragement in sessions and personally through messages and phone calls. He has managed to keep my head up through some dark times and kept me motivated through times I have been laid off with injuries and all this with a beaming smile and a positive attitude. I have already seen improvements since starting with Geefit but I have more goals to achieve .... I look forward to smashing them all! Thanks Sam.

Raymond Richards

Sam is fantastic

Sam is fantastic. Best thing I've ever done, finding him. My confidence, strength and fitness have gone from zero to 100. He will always push you harder, when you think you can't. This man is truly brilliant at what he does, I will never look back. I've gone from hating exercise to loving and buzzing from his sessions.

Rebecca Jawara

Excellent trainer

Excellent trainer, always willing to go the extra mile for clients and with a great blend of motivation and humour. Highly recommended.

Chris Parker



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