Geefit FAQ

Suitable Clothing to wear

We have tried to give you some examples below of the types of clothing suitable for the time of year. Please check out our own clothing brand by clicking on the ‘Shop’ tab on our website.

 Normal trainers/running trainers – whatever you are comfortable with
 Capri cropped lycra leggings
 Short sleeved tops – cotton or sports tops
 Gloves are optional – Fitness/training ones (fingerless)


Please remember to bring plenty of water with you especially if it is hot and remember to wear sunscreen.



 Trainers with some good tread on them as the ground could be slippery  
 Full length leggings
 Long sleeved tops – sports tops that are breathable
 Short sleeved tops for layers
 Waterproof trousers and/or jacket (optional)
 Gloves – Thermal/waterproof
 Warm hat
 Waterproof socks (optional)
 Warm top to wear before exercising and to put on straight away afterwards


  Can I bring my children along?
Yes, you can bring children if you need to, but they are your responsibility to supervise. They should not run around in the area where members are training/equipment is laid out.

  Is it suitable for all ages and disabilities?
You must be over the age of 16/18?. We do cater for people with disabilities, but please speak with a member of the team first so that we know your needs/requirements.

 Are there toilet facilities?
There are but it is not always open first thing on a Saturday morning. We rely on the university opening the indoor gym up, but there are toilets in the main block.
 Where do I park and who do I see on arrival? (WE NEED TO DO A MAP AND MARK SIGN IN TABLE)
Please see the site map on the website as to where to park. There will be a sign-in table where you can see a circle on the map and a member of our team will sign you in and point you in the direction of one of our instructors.


 Do I have to be a certain fitness level before I join?
No, you do not. All of our members have varying fitness levels. This is the main reason they join, to increase/improve their fitness level.


 If it rains, will the session still run?

Yes, the sessions will run in all weathers. Please see guide on our website for appropriate clothing to wear.

 How do I book onto sessions?

Once you have purchased your session from the website, you will need to download the ‘TeamUp’ App to book onto the sessions you require. The booking system will open 36 hours prior to it starting.

 Do you have pay as you go sessions?

Yes, we do. These can be purchased from the website.

  What do you do if you can’t make a session?
If you have already booked onto a session, please go into the ‘TeamUp’ App and remove yourself from the class so that it frees up the space for another member.

  Where do I leave my belongings?
You may either keep your keys/phone with you or you can leave them on the signing-in table. All items are left at your own risk.

 I am recovering from an injury, can I still come?

We would always advise you to consult with your doctor first before returning to any form of physical activity. Once they have agreed you can return, please make the instructor aware of the injury you are recovering from so that they can adapt any of the exercises as necessary.




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