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Why Geefit Bootcamp

Apr 26, 2021

Why Geefit bootcamp!

Why Geefit bootcamp?
Here at Geefit, we’re commited to providing quality training. We do this using various methods during bootcamp to keep our members engaged, fit and buzzing after each session!

So, why bootcamp?
During sessions we incorporate high/low intensity workouts to maximise calorie burn within a set time frame.
We include plyometric, internal, weight, flexibility and long continuous training to achieve the best results for our members. The benefits of these methods include fat burn, strength building and endurance training – all guaranteed to leave our members feeling like the best version of themselves

So, why Geefit?
We want the best for our members and we think the best way to keep our members happy is by providing consistency through variety. You wouldn’t want to eat the same meal over and over would you? So why would you want to do the same workout?
We provide individual, partner and group workouts led by qualified professionals and our aim is to provide the type of training and equipment that isn’t accessible in the gym!
We keep things fresh with tyre pulls, log-runs, gun-runs and barrel work. No two sessions are the same.
We cater for all abilities, shapes and sizes. You can go as hard and fast as you like and we will always adapt our workouts to be as inclusive as possible.
All we ask is for your trust and MAXIMUM EFFORT

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